Way too many notifications from "Neighbors" regarding weather

The Neighbors feed on my Ring app has gotten out of control. I’m getting constant warnings about “Excessive Heat Warnings near ,” but the warnings make it clear that the counties to the east of me are affected, not mine.

I’m getting 3-5 of these a day. The weather doesn’t change that frequently.

I’m about ready to turn the Neighbors feed off entirely, as I haven’t found anything useful in it, but before I do so, I thought I’d check to see if this can be fixed. …thanks!

Hi @MikeyInSoCal. You can customize the types of posts you see on your Neighbors feed, as well as the types of posts you receive notifications about. You can learn more about customizing your Neighbors feed here. If you want further options outside of the settings that are currently available for your Neighbors feed, feel free to add your suggestion to our Feature Request board.