Water in lense

I’ve been using my Doorbell 3 Plus for about a month now and am finding it generally really good. After the recent spell of bad weather in the UK I noticed that I’m quite regularly getting water inside the lense.

Is this normal for the product or is this a defective unit I should return to my retailer?

My first thought would be to return it. I install a lot of CCTV and you should never get this problem but I have noted it in some cheaper camera brands. These doorbell camera unit should come completely sealed against water/moisture ingress and isolated from the connecting terminals and the button. It might be worth checking water can not get behind and track along the connection as this may be the cause - remove the bezel/cover, put some exterior silicon around the edges - refit cover. Hope this helps.

Rings cams are Weather Resistant. As you have water ingress I would give Ring a call abs I am sure they will replace it.