Want to replacing a CCTV system with RING


I have a Ring Doorbell on the Front Door, a Ring Spotlight Camera on the Side Door, and a 4-analog camera CCTV setup hooked into an NVR. The cameras are all hardwired to a 12 volt DC power distribution box. In expectation of swapping out for Ring cameras I replaced the 12 volt DC power supply with a dual 12 volt / 5 volt DC unit so I could feed 5 volts hardwired to any of the four locations as well as 12 volts.

My question is:

What Ring product should I use to replace the 4 analog cameras?

I want to leverage the existing locations since they have power but I want them to be Wifi-enabled as the cabling is that thin pre-made type that can’t handle high definition at distance.


Hi @RussLB. Ring Cameras are not designed to replace a CCTV system, as they don’t function like a CCTV system. Ring Cameras are wifi enabled, and will only record when motion is detected or when you activate the Live View. I’d recommend reviewing this comparison of each Ring Camera, so you can see the features and power requirements of each model.