Want door chimes without full system

I want to buy chimes to notify me when my doors are opened but don’t want to buy a full security system. Is there an option for this?

Hey @Scottcj. The Contact Sensors need to have a Ring Alarm Base Station to connect to, as the Contact Sensors work only on the Z-Wave Frequency. In addition, the only devices that can make a sound when a door with a Contact Sensor is opened/closed will be the Base Station itself, or the Keypad (which you can enable chirps for). Therefore, you will need to buy the 5 piece kit at the minimum (as this has the Base Station, Keypad and one Contact Sensor), and then from there add on as many Contact Sensors are you need for the doors/windows you would like to know have been opened.

Please note too that the sounds available are different tones and chirps and there is not a way to have an audible alert describing the name of the device opened as this time (such as “Front Door open.”). :slight_smile:

That’s what I thought. Thank you for your help. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t overlook something.

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@Scottcj No problem! Happy to help clarify. Let me know if you ever have any other questions. :smiley_cat: