Wall switch to turn on Flood Lights (Smart Home/Alexa)

Most of us installing these motion activated floodlight cameras came from older lights tied to a wall switch in the house. I have seen MANY people asking for a way to have a switch in the house that would activate all the exterior flood or spot lights. While of course, current needs to be going to the flood lights at all times and a standard switch would cut power to it, with today’s smart home integrations, ESPECIALLY with ALEXA, I cannot understand why there isn’t a way to use any of the smart home hubs or Alexa to turn on the outside lights with a physical switch.

There use to be some tinkering you could do to teach Alexa to do this, but as far as I can see, these user-made ad-ons are all broken now.

GOAL: Have a smart switch in the house (I have various types of Z-Wave and Zigbee switches) to tell a hub to turn on the flood lights. OR, say “Alexa, turn on the outside lights or 2 hours.”

So many people just want to hit a switch… each person having to go into the app to jump through a bunch of settings, etc. is NOT the solution and is the opposite of progress. With Amazon owning BOTH companies, I would think this would be a no-brainer.

Can anyone help??

Thank you,


P.S. There is a lot of additional functionality that could be addressed by programable buttons in the house that could interact with Ring.