Wall solar light not charging

I bought a Ring Wall Solar light white and I was aware that i would need additional power as the light would be installed under a eave.
I bought the indoor outdoor power adapter listed in the ring app as an accessory that would work with it but it looks like it is mot charging. The app does not show that the battery is charging and I installed the light at 84% battery and now after 1 night 3 hours use, the battery shows 77% and it does not seem to be charging. Any ideas? Defective light?

Hi @neto2itu. I would ensure that the barrel plug is fully inserted into the Wall Solar Light. You should hear a “click” when it is inserted all the way. There is a tight tolerance, so a firm push is required to insert it completely.

bought four of these…pretty much giving up on them for various reasons. All four go into a "High temperature status " to protect them from heat. BUT…temperatures of only 80’s (in California) will cause it on all four and they don’t charge all day. Then later after sun goes down, the temp status goes away, but now no sun to solar charge, so the charge gets lower and lower until I bring them inside and use a USB cable to charge each one.

Today, at 85 degrees, no high temp warning, BUT the chargers are at low battery since this morning, all around 20%, but not charging either. Nice, sunny day.

On phone with Ring support , they had me reset one of them after calling to see about the high temp warning. Reset one, but no change. So it’s basically, charge lights all day in garage with USB chargers to wall, put lights out in the evening…then repeat after 3-4 days after each light gets charged to 100%.

I really like the way lights work at night, giving me lots of light in areas of my yard…but it’s a pain to have to charge them manually.

Ring has said they will send me four new ones…l guess that is next…but I see several threads like this and doubt that will help.

Could you please write down which adapter we should but in order to charge the ring wall solar light?

Hi @arieldvo. I have responded to you here.