Wall solar light (Masonry drill bit size?)

Hello Ring! I had a question regarding the ring wall solar light (Ring Solar Powered Wall Light | Outdoor Smart Home Security | Ring)
Can you tell me what size masonry drill bit is needed for this product? I am planning on installing the light in the “mortar” of my brick wall. Being that the light is not heavy, I think installing it in the mortar (instead of brick itself) would work. However, it did not come with a masonry bit and I’m not sure what size is needed. Also, would a regular power drill be sufficient to drill the pilot hole into mortar or is an impact driver needed?
Note* I’m not drilling into the brick itself thus I don’t have a “hammer” drill. Thanks!

Hi @99169a447342f5e7d2eaff61080f50. I checked with my team on this, and they let me know that the Ring drill bit included with most products is a 3/16“ (5mm) drill bit. A regular power drill should be sufficient, but I would recommend checking with anyone more familiar with power tools and DIY projects to be sure. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: