Wall Light Solar Motion / Lights Very Inconsistent

I am looking to build out lighting / security / cameras with Ring but getting frustrated with my first ring test purchase. Wall light Solar is very inconsistent (signal is good, firmware up to date, mounted at the suggested height). Sometimes it does not detect motion, I’ll go out and wave my hands around and… nothing. Other times the app detects motion, but the light will not come on. What is going on? I am bummed b/c I like the design / app / interface, but this experience alongside what I am seeing in the forum is making me reconsider going with Ring.

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Hi @945tedRingsABC. How are the Motion Settings configured for your Solar Lights? In the Ring app, you can adjust their sensitivity. This Help Center article here has some information on how to do this. Try adjusting these settings and seeing if that makes a difference.

I’m having the same issue too. My very first solar wall light purchase. It does not detect motion at all, except when I cover the sensor with my palm. Even then it might work sometimes. No issues with manually turning the light on / off. Schedules worked as well. Just motion sensor issue.

I don’t have this issue with my other Ring devices: battery doorbell and wired floodlight.