VPN with company MDM

I don’t want to hear in 2019 ring doesn’t allow VPN.

I work for a company, annoyed ring has no email option, and as a non customer am not going to call and wait.

Here’s the deal. We use VMWare’s Workspace ONE Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. We use a, and here’s the key, PER APP VPN tunnel app thru VMWare to tunnel into our work network for specific apps. If you launch the Tunnel app it shows just our company app, not ring. Also this is on Android and is separated by Android for Work between personal and work.

So I get an email today that one off our users was trying to use ring on his phone and it’s complaining it can’t because of VPN on the device. So this is a bad implementation by ring that it doesn’t know it’s not using VPN and is apparently just checking if there is some kind of VPN on the device. We verified and other than our company app, no other app on the device, on the personal or work side of it, are using the tunnel. So RING, what am I supposed to do for this person?

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@jriker1 There isn’t going to be much you can do here as this is just how things are with Ring. However assuming you are IT support and look after the corporate devices, can you not advise the user to use their personal device for Ring. That would be better than trying to put it on a corporate phone plus gives you an easy easy way to just say the user sorry we don’t allow that app on a business phone.

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