Volume slider for speaker volume on Doorbells and Cameras

Is this ever going to be fixed? The volume is so loud that it is annoying my neighbours. I might have to think about returning it as its not fit for purpose.

Needed a quick cam setup for our front door… went through reviews etc to chose a Ring doorbell V4. First thing I noticed after setup was the completely unacceptable two way volume (insanely loud). You will not get a sale from me for a subscription until this is fixed. You have 29 days before this product is returned. No where in reviews did I hear about this horrid oversight. PROSPECTIVE BUYERS AVOID THIS PRODUCT unless there is a resolution.

Horrible that it is not possible yet. I just bought a ring doorbell but if I would have known it was not possible to lower the speaker volume I would NEVER have done. I solved it a bit by putting tape on the speaker, I masked the tape with a black marker.

I have just searched online to find out how to lower the volume of the two way communication. YOU CAN’T… I only bought the doorbell last week and already getting visitors saying all the neighbours can hear the conversation and to be extremely careful as nothing is private. This is a disgrace that ring are not taking this seriously. Who else can we speak to to get this rectified?

Is this topic not getting listened to by Ring creators? How long has this been going on for now?

Recently got mine, didn’t even think about volume for speaker but when I installed it and tested it first thing my wife said was, “need to turn that down, that’s really loud”

Oh, guess what? Apparently now after doing research you can’t.

Cmon Ring surely this is a simple software update, I don’t want everyone knowing I’m on holiday or to leave my parcel behind the back gate.

The least you can do is reply to these comments and let everyone know if you’re on it or not?

looking at this looks like this site is a waste of time as Ring hasnt done anything about mic volume and speaker volume on cameras , mine is that loud the mic cant handle the feed back, all it does is screech

The automated smart response on my door bell is so loud I had to turn it off as neighbours complained! The only volume adjustment turns down the ring not the voice! Any chance this will be changed in the future as I love the idea as do as many other people on the forums who have also had to turn it off!.

Same issue, volume far too
Loud, the whole street can hear!

Agree this is desperately needed, the volume of the external speaker is obscenely loud, the whole street can hear and there’s no way to turn it down. I bought this doorbell because I am often bedbound and need to speak to people through the doorbell. Now I can’t even use it because the whole street can hear my business.

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Clearly this feature “bug” is not going to get resolved and this platform for requesting is doing nothing. I just installed a stick up cam with the siren option. I can barely hear the siren when I manually activate it. Just chatted with support and they said there is no option to adjust the volume, even though they have steps created for how to adjust the volume. If that feature “bug” has not been resolved in the 4 years since it was originally identified, I doubt it will ever be fixed.

Yeah. I just got mine installed today. Think I’m going to send it back. I live on a quiet culdesac and the volume is WAY TOO LOUD!

This is a usability issue with the product that will impact your sales. People need the ability to adjust the volume so that visitors can hear them at a comfortable volume. Please listen to your customers!

This has been going on for far too long! Please let us know if volume will or can be fixed. Its way to loud

This was hilarious at first with the Halloween themed responses but we clearly can’t keep this feature on. It genuinely seems like a bug because it’s so loud it even overloads the speaker in the doorbell depending on the response. Either way, it seems simple to me to introduce software that would lower or raise volume. The speaker in the doorbell is adjustable/not-fixed-volume because the chime tone has a volume slider, so unless there are separate speaker modules for the chime and for smart responses, this should be feasible.

I really hope Ring isn’t gatekeeping a basic, necessary feature on their cheaper doorbells, because shelling out $250 just to get the ability to not wake up neighbors with your doorbell is pretty rotten.

Boy, do I wish that this was addressed for my Ring 2! The speaker volume is ridiculously low!

Why isn’t Ring acting on this suggestion? How hard can it be to implement a volume control for the speakers?

Just bought a 2nd Gen video doorbell and this is the only fault I can find with it so far.


Please tell me there is an update on the pipeline to enable a volume change for the doorbell speaker?!!

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Please add a volume control for the speaker of the ring video doorbell gen2.

The sound blasting at dj bar level is intense.
It’s wierd, you do have for ring sound but didn’t add an adjustment for the voice speaker.

Do you plan to add that basic settings?

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I agree. Until there’s a fix I will be taping cotton over the speaker outside so my neighbors don’t ■■■■■■ me.

Speaker volume is way too loud! I‘m even thinking about to send the product back. Please provide an update with speaker volume control.