Volume slider for speaker volume on Doorbells and Cameras

Yep same here…! the volume is ridiculously loud and distorted totally unusable. Gaffa tape over the speaker…???
Please get a volume control on the APP…


Just bought a Video doorbell. Contrary to post above, volume control in App only adjusts the chime volume, not the speech volume. Ours shouts at anybody that comes to the front door (possibly not a bad thing sometimes). So needs to be sorted !!


Far too loud whole street can hear it. Please fix this.


We’ve just installed our ring doorbell (battery) version 4. Tested and the volume on the app is okay but the speaker volume outside is ridiculously loud.

There must be a way to introduce a slider, in the same way as for the ringer, to control the external audio levels. Come on Ring!


Just adding ours is ridiculously loud too - we can’t use the speaker function at all, it can be heard at the other end of the street and our neighbours would hate us!


We can’t use the 2-way speaker mode because the speaker is so ridiculously loud it’s disturbing our neighbours and there’s no way to adjust it, only the chime volume.

We’ve spent a fair amount of money (which we can’t get back now, as we have had it more than 30 days while we waited for our internet to be installed) and drilled holes into our wall for something that’s unusable as it is.

Really disappointed. I’ve seen Ring reps replying to people requesting a fix for this - would be interested to know if anything has changed because as it is I now just have a very expensive doorbell with functionality which is pointless due to being so loud we’re risking noise complaints.

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Doorbell too loud, come on team how can you ignore soo many ppl complaining about this issue?
Enough palming us off, please fix this really irritating issue. Apart from this the ring gen 2 doorbell is decent.


Haha @SolarEclipse - maybe noise complaints was a bit hyperbolic :sweat_smile:, just that it’s so bloody loud you can hear it round the corner!

Our neighbour came out of his house last night when we were testing it to see what the noise was - even with an average number of deliveries and visitors a week it’d be antisocial, and we tend to get a lot of deliveries for my partner’s job. Not the most-security conscious idea anyway, but if we were out and got a delivery I wouldn’t be able to ask the driver to leave a parcel in the green bin or over the fence because anyone passing nearby would be able to hear what we said, can’t use it to tell my sister/mum/cleaner/catsitter where the spare key is for the same reason…

Just seems so odd that half the complaints on here are ‘it’s stupidly loud’ and the other half are ‘it’s so quiet you can’t hear it’ and that there seems to be no way to fix it.

We don’t have an Alexa or Echo - we’ve got Google Home, but does linking it to Alexa or similar alter the volume the speaker plays outside? I saw someone suggesting unlinking from Alexa and that helped the volume issue, so maybe it’s linked. If so I’d be willing to switch.

Speaker doorbell volume way too loud. It’s disturbing the neighbourhood and spoiling the whole setup.

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Heya. The speaker volume on the doorbell is cringingly loud. We’ve turned down the door bell ringtone to a considerate level but my voice can be heard down the road. I only installed the doorbell today and a bit apprehensive to use it. Please add a control for intercom speaker volume and ringtone volume.

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This really needs to be introduced, it’ll just be some code as you can turn down the ringer volume. The automated responses are quiet but when I speak it literally booms out across the cul-de-sac and starts the neighbors across the road barking.

This needs to be fixed pronto but it seems like it never will. Disappointing

I can see a lot of posts about this but not a lot of feedback or any sign of a fix. How many votes are needed to get this fix onto the dev schedule?

My issue is the volume of the quick replies - way too loud!!

We live on a noisy main road and Ring doorbell pro callers find it almost impossible to hear us answering them. Could a doorbell be produced with a much louder speaker or even a small screen to allow us to show a short message like “We’ve already got double glazing” or “Please wait more than 3 seconds before you dump our parcel in the puddle.” Just a thought …

The volume of the Video Doorbell SPEAKER is too loud and there is no volume control in the app device settings. The whole street can hear what I’m saying to a caller! Sometimes discretion and confidentiality is needed. Please vote to add this functionality. Thanks