Volume slider for speaker volume on Doorbells and Cameras

I recenlty installed an outdoor stick up camera and the volume is very low out of the speaker. I have to yell into my phone for my wife to hear me. can you look into the ability to increase the volume on these cameras? we have a door bell and it is good but the camera volume makes that feature basically useless.

did you get anywhere with this? ve bought a stick up cam and the volume from the camera speaker is shocking, also ordered a doorbell pro that hasnt arrived yet but i really hope the audio on that isnt as poor as its the main thing i will need for the doorbell.

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Has there been any action on providing a volume control for the security cameras? The indoor cam, the spotlight cam, etc. are too low for anyone to hear the warning messages. I’ve seen this suggested multiple times since at least 2019.

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A volume control to control the sound coming from the camera would be really helpful. I have 3 cameras, all with different levels of background noise, so the ability to individually adjust the volume coming from the cameras would be a great asset.

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I tested the volume on my stickup Cameras and the two way talk is so low people can’t hear me. Is there any way to increase the volume?

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Where is the volume slider that used to appear in App Alert Tones? You can no longer adjust the volume. And we found out by wearing wireless earphones that you will LOSE YOUR HEARING! It is ridiculously loud enough to blow out your ears! You cannot adjust it in your phone’s regular volume because then everything is lower. This needs to be put back into the IOS and ANDROID phones.

The only solution is while wearing headphones you need to make the alerts SILENT. What’s the point then?

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I think it would be a great idea if we are able to adjust the mic level, especially on the Ring Doorbell Pro, because people don’t just speak normally to it and tend to lean right in and shout so it over modulates. It would also be a good idea to be able to adjust the volume of the speaker because that can do the same sometimes.
Another thing needs to be sorted out is the speed in which the ring app notifies you on your phone, it’s way too long and quite often the people have gone. I know this isn’t my internet because if I install the Rapid Ring app as well it answers very quickly but I don’t see why we should have 2 apps for the one thing. If Rapid Ring can do it why can’t the normal Ring app not do it?

Hi , just an idea but,a way of lowering your voice over the doorbell speaker would be an idea.the first time ispoke to a visitor , my neighbours could hear me from doors away.I tend to have to whisper to my visitors now,.

volume adjustment for doorbell speaker

YES! Or an external speaker that connects to the doorbell? My mother cannot hear the speaker very well on the Ring Door Bell 2. (She is 85 years old.)

We live on a busy street and the speaker volume on the pro is so bad! When you make the next gen pro please add a much louder speaker!! Thanks.

It would be wonderful if the speaker volume on the Ring doorbell wasn’t set to almost mute. Nobody can hear me without putting their ear up to the doorbell, and me shouting on my end. Its obviously a known issue and these things aren’t exactly inexpensive…please provide a patch so it will work like we expect it to. That is my suggestion.

The speaker volume on my Ring Doorbell 2 is very, very, very low - and of no use to anyone ! It’s impossible to talk to anyone - which is meant to be a key feature of the product.

IS there a solution - PLEASE

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I agree. We bought a Doorbell2. It provides very,very low volume for speaking and I cannot find a volume adjustment control…

Same here. Volume is so low on the doorbell 2020 that it’s impossible to communicate.
This is such a basic thing it’s shouldn’t even be an issue to have to ask in the forums.


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same issue. doorbell without ability to have conversation makes this almost worthless

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It would be great if there is a way designed to decrease the speakers volume as when visitors come to my door they say when I am speaking to them it’s very loud and must annoy the neighbours.

I have just fitted the Gen.2 video doorbell and have exactly the same issue, the device speaker is way too loud, the whole street can hear our conversations. it must be very annoying for them and it is more than embarrassing for us. A volume control for the device speaker would be useful.

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I’ve had it’s for a number of years now and it’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever dealt with. Had the battery version first, but had issues. Upon return decided to get there pro so I could integrate our existing doorbell chimes. It has issues with the speaker (or so I thought) so got yet another one only to find out the speaker totally sucks on this thing.

People can’t understand a word we’re saying. If course, it seldom matters because right inside my house, with blazing connection speeds and fill wifi signal strength, most people are leaving before this stupid thing will even connect to talk with them!!!

Nice camera, but probably I’ve of the worst purchases I’ve ever made.

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I think you should be able to turn the volume down on the answer the doorbell gives out to the caller its too loud i feel !
" it may take me some time to get to the door"
Can we have a volume funtion so we can control the volume outside and another good idear a voulume funtion on the sirens too. Like when we can turn the brightness of the ligh down outside,