Voice Integration with Motion Warning

Please add voice integration to your Ring Spotlight, StickUp, or any of the cameras with a speaker that works on battery/solar/powered.

I would like to see zone selection for specific times (similar to package zone) and have the ability to record your personal voice or have a way to type your warning message (ex. “You’re Trespassing, please leave the premises”) and also have a secondary optional response if the motion alert continues in the same location (ex. “Authorities have now been notified, please leave the premises”).

Having this feature would drastically change the outcome for most situations and would save the property owner from their own personal safety, having items stolen, or damage incurred by the trespasser.

@SolarEclipse, I disagree with your feedback. If you don’t understand the request, please spend more time advising other forums as your response is irrelevant to app functionality improvements.

My suggestion on this forum is a complement to an already provided service on Ring that could help reduce time or potentially scare off trespassers.

Not sure why you are commenting on a feature request board by stating “No amount of warning, alarms, lights, etc matter as they know the reality”. My question to you is, why should anyone own a home security system like Ring? Why are you in this forum? What would you do differently if you didn’t have Ring?

I live in a major city outside of downtown. My issue is common in most metropolitan areas, where transients and package thieves cause the most trouble. Police show up within 5-10 minutes (average for most populated cities) based on the severity of the situation as I have personally encountered and chased off trespassers myself on multiple occasions.

At the very least, this option gives the owner another way to deter a situation.

I would say I actually agree with both sides here:

  • Ring is a useful tool but has its limits. Police responses are not a guarantee for a lot of the world. There’s other safety measures that are worth looking in to if you’re in an area with problems.

  • The ability to have Ring announce a custom message upon motion detection on a specific device would be a great feature.

    • Let package thieves know they’re being recorded, there is a portion of opportunity crime this will deter.
    • One more way to add to holiday decorations (put your speaker in the pumpkin or whatever).
    • Tell the dog/cat to quit scratching the door/gate/whatever.
    • I’m sure there’s tons of creative ways people would use this feature other than just the motion message.

The current message says something to the lines of “you’re being watched and are on video” I would like the ability to create my own message and use it once a motion is triggered.