Voice alerts when doors or windows open

I’m sure this has been mentioned already but putting in my vote for voice alerts from the base station or through smart speaker alerting anyone in the home that a door or window has been opened. This is an additional layer to smart phone notifications that I find critical to security awareness when at home. I just ordered the Ring security system, to replace my current FrontPoint system that has this feature. My wife was not happy when I told her we were switching and then found out this feature is not available - we’re reconsidering our decision, it is that important to us. Thanks

I don’t know which smart speaker you are using but if you are using the Amazon Echo you can create Routines in the Alexa app for this. When adding the action for the routine one option is Alexa Says. Type the text you want it to speak. You will need a routine for each sensor and might need to add an action for each Echo device to each routine.

Get notifications from Alexa

Set your Echo device to alert you when Ring Alarm Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors are triggered. Alexa will alert you to things like “Front door opened” or “Motion detected in the kitchen.” Learn more.