Vignette Around Edges on Firestick

When I look at a camera on my TV through the Alexa skill and Fire stick, there is a dark vignette on the top and bottom of the picture. On the top of the screen, the name of the camera is displayed in the dark area. On the bottom, the “try Alexa , talk to camera” is displayed in the dark area. Anyone know how to remove the labeling and dark vignette from the TV picture? This does not happen when viewing the camera on a mobile device.

Hey @dfahey37. To help the neighbors in the Community see what is happening for you, could you please grab a picture of a side by side comparison of how the view looks on your Firestick vs the Ring mobile app?

Did you ever figure this out? Seems to be tied to the camera name at top, and "push and hold to talk " text at bottom when viewed on tv fire firestick. It would be nice to remove the grey bars.

Yeah I’m getting the same thing. Very annoying. Not much on Google so far.