"Viewed, controlled and managed in the ring app" ?!?!? Please Help

After looking through my ring app I noticed a picture of a Alexa device echo show 10 in the add devices to my ring app section. This claimed along with a picture of an echo show 10 that it could be “viewed, controlled and managed in the ring app”.
I went away and purchased a echo show 10, exactly the same as in the picture. Set it up on the Alexa app, turned on device monitoring as it said to do so. Then went to set it up… And nothing but error messages.
What is going on? Have I been lied to by the app and spent £200 on something that won’t work the way it was advertised?!
Please help

Hi @user14271. What devices are you trying to set up in the Ring app? Is this a Ring device or a third party smart home device? To clarify, you would set up an Echo Show 10 in the Alexa app, there is no setup process for it in the Ring app. The Echo Show 10 is controlled from the Alexa app. You can also learn the Ring Skill in the Alexa app, allowing you to set up Routines with your Ring devices or hear Doorbell Announcements.