Video recording quality

I have a recording saved but when you go to playback you only get a black playback - no picture, no audio - can I recover the footage please

No one here has access to your Account Info. Contact Support ( Be aware wait times are long.

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Hi @KMcQ. What device are you trying to playback footage for? If the device has a low RSSI, it can affect the playback of the footage. You can find the RSSI for your device in the Ring app, in the Device Health menu. Some other good steps to take are rebooting your router. Another troubleshooting step is to change the WiFi channels that you are using for your Ring device. You can learn how to do that in this Help Center article here. Lastly, be sure that you are using the correct Ports and Protocols for you Ring devices (Help Center article here).

Let me know if making these changes helps with your video quality.