Video Doorbell Wired - Fraudulent Specs - 10-24VAC

Before I purchased the Video Doorbell Wired, I read the product Specs and User Guide. Both of those state that the unit needs Power Input of 10-24VAC. I checked my existing doorbell wiring and found that it provides 12VAC so I went ahead and purchased the unit.

I hooked up the jumper cable, connected the Video Doorbell Wired and started the setup process in the iOS App. The App got part way through setup and told me there is insufficient power, that the unit needs 16-24VAC, which is not what is printed directly on the back of the unit, itself, or anywhere else on Ring’s website.

I then called Ring support and the best they can do is tell me that the unit does, indeed, require a minimum 16VAC and that they are sorry that they lied to me.

I am extremely disappointed and frustrated that such an obvious error is written everywhere on the website and official specifications and even directly on the unit itself.

This needs to be corrected immediately. The website and specs should be corrected and all mislabeled units should be recalled.

Hi @jharris3600. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the part of the setup process you’re at where it’s displaying that you have insufficient power with your current wiring? I’d like to take a look and share this with my team so we can clarify the proper power requirements for you. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Sure, here it is. The App says 16-24VAC. As Previously shown, the back of the unit itself, says 10-24VAC. My transformer supplies 12VAC and is located…somewhere. I can’t find it so can’t replace it.

@jharris3600 Thank you for sharing this screenshot. I checked with my team and the correct voltage requirement is 10-24 VAC, just like what’s stated on the unit itself. My team will work to get this screen in the Ring App updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, can you share what power your transformer supplies, a picture of it, and the brand name and serial number please?

I can’t find the transformer. My guess is that it is somewhere in the crawlspace attic behind tons of insulation I don’t feel like wading into.

I measured the voltage at the doorbell with a meter as 12.39 VAC.

When I called tech support, they told me the device specs were incorrect and that it required 16 VAC.

Hi @jharris3600. Happy to chime in here for Caitlyn. Another piece of the puzzle is the amount of Volt Amps (VA) your transformer outputs. It’s possible to have a transformer that puts out 12VAC but an insufficient amount of VA. A few common places for the transformer are in the garage, by the water heater, by your chime kit or in the crawlspace like you mentioned.

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@Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring So, it appears to be an issue with the Ring App not being updated.

And, sure, the VA could be too low but nowhere in any of the documents for the doorbell does it list a minimum VA, only a Max 40VA (From the Ring wbsite tech specs: “Requires an existing doorbell system, Ring plug-in adapter or transformer for power supply (10-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz, or 24VDC, 0.5A, 12W).” If there is realistically a minimum, then the specs need to list it somewhere on the website specs page so users can see it before the unit is purchased.

The Video Doorbell Wired is the only wired doorbell that works with voltages below 16VAC and the iOS App has not been programmed to reflect this. While attached to a 12VAC transformer, the iOS App will not allow the device to be set up.

I happened to get a hold of an indoor 24VDC (yes, DC) power supply and was able to complete the set up of the Video Doorbell Wired using the iOS App. After it was set up and connected to my Ring account, I installed it outside, connected to my 12VAC transformer.

It has now been working for 4 days on 12VAC without any issues. The iOS app, in device health, still says my transformer is under powered and that I should by a Ring Transformer.

On a whim, I just decided to try this out but, unfortunately, this was after I went out and spent $200 on a battery powered doorbell (and don’t even get me started on the battery doorbell…the back of the unit had two labels on it with power requirements: one said "a compatible doorbell transformer with 8-24VDC while the other says “Connect to Low Voltage AC power only” … Seriously, get this stuff straight before you sell your products). I was able to return the battery doorbell for a full refund but I spent a lot of extra time on this that I did not need to spend if Ring had just been able to get their “bleep” together and program their App correctly.

I bet there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there with this exact same issue. I know it won’t do any good, especially not saying it here, but I really think Ring owes a class action type reimbursement to everyone who purchase a Video Doorbell Wired. A Ring Protect plan free for a year ought to do it.

And get someone to fix the App. It should not take more than 5 minutes to find the few lines of code responsible for checking minimum voltage and add another line or two

if (deviceModel == "Video Doorbell Wired US") {
    minVoltageAC = 10;
} else if (deviceModel == "Video Doorbell Wired UK") {
    minVoltageAC = 8;

And here’s the back of the Video Doorbell 4 I purchased, with incorrect power requirements.

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@jharris3600 @Caitlyn_Ring I am so glad I found this. I was going absolutely insane. I have the exact same issue. I contacted ring and there solution was to send me a new doorbell, I tried to explain that I don’t think that will fix the issue but the CSR (customer service representative) insisted it would. I tried to explain that the reason it won’t fix it is because the app says the doorbell requires 16-24VAC and it has nothing to do with the doorbell. Ring either needs to fix the app or send me a new doorbell transformer that supplies 16-24VAC. I should not have to pay extra money for their mistake. Not to mention all the frustration. Also @jharris3600 I’m sorry you couldn’t find you’re transformer, I was Lucky and mine was easily accessible.

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Hi Neighbors! The various model of our Doorbells do have different power requirements. However, a 16-24VAC, 30VA Transformer will be sufficient to power them. With that in mind, if the transformer in your home has different voltage ratings, is not working with the Doorbell, or you’ve been unable to locate your transformer, the Plug-In Adapter is a great option. I suggest buying this directly from Ring or Amazon to take advantage of the great return policy if this doesn’t work for your situation.

I also wanted to take time that we have recognized the verbiage in the Ring app needs correcting and we are currently working on that. Thanks, neighbors!

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Similar issue: the app on my Android phone says under Device Health “Power Source Hardwired” (which it is, 20VAC 60 Hz), but on the Web Page says “Battery.” Both report 91% remaining.