Video Doorbell Pro 2 Transformer Polarity

Hi all
Bought the Doorbell Pro 2 with hardwired transformer, and I am nearly ready to fit it.
I have installed the Ring Transformer in its own enclosure, I note its a DC output on the unit, however, no mention is made of connection polarity at the actual doorbell in any of the instructions, and I cannot see polarity marked on the doorbell either.

Can anyone confirm if the polarity matters as I don’t really want to blow up an expensive video doorbell by connecting it incorrectly.

Make sure you have the correct power supply. Wired Ring doorbells use 18v A/C power supplies, at least in the USA.

This came with a specific AC-DC Ring branded DIN rail transformer - 220V AC → 24V DC (DIN Rail Transformer for Wired Video Doorbells – Ring)
Obviously, the doorbell is compatible with both AC and DC, however, I want to make sure its not polarity sensitive on DC!

I just found this statement on the installation instructions for the transformer that I didn’t notice before:

  • Connect the doorbell wires to + & - (doorbell wires can go in either terminal).

Which leads me to believe that the doorbell is polarity agnostic.

Hi @blademansw. For clarification, the Doorbell Pro 2 can be installed with an existing doorbell transformer within the range specified below, or the compatible Ring accessories below.

For connecting to an existing doorbell system:

  • Hardwired transformer (16 to 24 VAC, 50/60Hz, 10VA to 40VA)

Compatible Ring accessories:

  • DIN Rail Transformer (24Vdc, 420mA)
  • Plug-In Adapter (24Vdc, 500mA)

Regarding the polarity, you are correct that the doorbell wires can go on either terminal as outlined in the instructions. Make sure the terminals are tightened properly with a screwdriver. If needed, you can reference the installation instructions here as well.