Video Doorbell: Motion Detection is not sounding on Chime

I have a hardwired video doorbell and a chime in my hallway.
When the doorbell detects motion, the chime no longer emits the usual jingle.
In the app under Link Chimes to Front Door, Rings shows 1 Chime Linked, and under Motion Detected it shows 0 Chimes Linked.
When I touch Motion Detected, the screen changes to “When Front Door detects motion, your chimes will…” Alert you. But the chime is silent when I test-walk the video doorbell.
Can anyone suggest a solution?

Hi @PocketGopher. Try resetting the Chime by holding down the reset button on the side for at least 15 seconds. After the reset is done, complete a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Verify the settings to ensure that the Chime is linked to your Doorbell and set to alert you when the Doorbell rings or detects motion.

Doorbell has been working for almost 4 years now but yesterday I noticed that motion detection was setting off the chime. I checked the Motion Detected setting for the doorbell and it said “0 Chimes Linked”. But when I try to link the chime, set it to alert and save the setting, it reverts to “0 Chimes Linked”.
I’ve reset the chime and linked it to one of the cameras for motion detection and that works OK, but the doorbell won’t save the setting.

Hi @user32455. I moved your post to an existing post that seemed to be the same concern. Try the steps I shared in my previous reply and let me know if that allows you to link your Chime to your Doorbell successfully.

I reset my chime but I can’t find the original packaging with the QR code so now the chime can’t be reconfigured!
Looking at replacement chimes now…

Hi @user32455. If you cannot connect your Chime because of a missing QR code, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I bought and configured a new chime but that also failed to chime for any movement detected by the doorbell. I managed to get the old chime working by following the manual configuration so now both chimes failed to sound for any motion detected by the doorbell! But after disabling the Doorbell motion schedule and re-enabling it, both chimes are now sounding for motion detected by the doorbell. If you think that’s strange, the doorbell doesn’t think it’s linked to any chime for motion detection

Same issue here, sometimes it works other times I watch someone walk right up and nothing. My settings are set as ring suggests, nothing helps it and it actually worked when I first bought the new updated chimes, now it’s random! Also, can’t even adjust the sound it makes for motion when it decides to work. As much as I have spent on all these devices and accessories it would be nice to actually have fixes, and updates that work for what was originally advertised and offered, without contacting customer service, tech service, etc and being told it’s my internet when it definitely isn’t and is only the ring devices and chime pro’s that have the issues! False advertising and crappy support is making me look elsewhere!