Video Doorbell (Gen 2) - LEDs not coming on

A few weeks ago I hardwired my doorbells using the Ring Gen 2 DIN Rail transformers.

Both have been working great but today - my video doorbell 2nd Gen has been having some issues with the LEDs around the button.

The device still charges and shows as hardwired in the app and the LEDs work great when you actually press the button and even light up white briefly when motion is detected.

However they don’t stay on all the time anymore like is indicated by the Ring Guidance (Guidance Here)and how they’ve been behaving the past few weeks.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Hi @Pear97. When hardwired, the LED light around the doorbell should have a dimly lit white ring. Is there a specific point in the day when you notice this is not lit?

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I figured out that it was due to low temperature, they are now functioning as intended.

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Glad to hear you got this resolved!

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