Video Doorbell Elite

Does anyone have recent experience with the Video Doorbell Elite? I am looking to install one on a front gate via POE and want to make sure they work well. I have a Video Doorbell 3 at my current house and have never reall;y had a problem with it.

Don’t have any direct experience but the Doorbell Elite is pretty old now. It’s one selling point is POE but its hard to install on brick and its feature set has fallen behind the Pro 2 for example. Ring have been very quiet about POE devices, they still sell the Stickup cam Elite as well but its often out of stock and the Doorbell Elite is their only other device. I would love to see a Doorbell Pro 2 form factor device with POE as an option on it to make install much easier. A few other manufacturers have launched similar but I have a feeling Ring might move away from POE. Its likely there are simply not enough people with or willing to run ethernet cable especially to the front door which is a real shame given the benefits of a POE device over Wi-Fi.

I have a high brick fence with double gates at my property. The fence is about 6-8 metres from the front of my house. I dont think the wifi connection will strong enough. I thought POE would be my best option. Not sure what else to do.

@Macy517 POE is likely the best option. It is actually the best option for any outdoor camera or doorbell as exterior walls tend to kill wifi with all the insulation etc. The doorbell Elite is not a bad product from what I know about it, its just hasn’t been updated for a good few years now and I dont know if Ring are going to continue with POE products, I really hope they do. The other issue with the Elite is that it is designed to be countersunk into a wall, it cant really be surface mounted. There are some 3rd party options I have seen where people have 3D printed back boxes for it so it can be surface mounted but they dont look amazing.

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get it. I like the idea of POE rather than wifi. Hopefully it all goes well.