Video Doorbell audio and motion

Thanks for the quick update on this, @JayDee1! To clarify further about the Ring app option to disable audio recording, as the wording can be tricky, simply ensure this setting is set to allow audio recording. Although, after looking at the video example, this setting is likely a non-factor in your current concern.

Glad to hear the motion detection is improved! The video example is displaying a great deal of delays, freeze frames, and video jumps. Audio is likely being impacted by the same interference seen in these video characteristics. Adjusting wifi signal strength should certainly improve this audio/ video quality. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing wifi signal to your Ring device. Motion will also further improve as signal efficiency does. In short, moving the router closer or adding a wifi extender, such as a Ring Chime Pro, will greatly improve wifi signal strength. :slight_smile:

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