Video Doorbell audio and motion

Happy New Year Ring Community.

I am currently having troubles with my Ring Doorbell, audio is deteriorating and I have noticed that not everything is being recorded for movement or audio. I wondered if I could email the problems I have been experiencing, can you advise the customer service email address please?
or how do I private message one of the community admins ?

I purchased on 14th October, delivered on 15th purchased Basic Plan 15 November 2020,.

I have a troublesome neighbour so its important my ring doorbell captures, movement and audio.

I am not sure if the device is faulty or if it can be checked via Ring first.
In the device settings is there an area I can tweak audio quality? Currently unable to find it.

I like to live a quiet life and rely on Ring doorbell for some peace of mind.

Thank you


Happy New Year, @JayDee1! I found your post and moved it to this UK Doorbells board. We are always happy to help with suggestions, here in the Community. :slight_smile:

Audio concerns can often be improved through network troubleshooting. If this is a battery powered Video Doorbell, testing video and audio inside near the router is a great way to rule out most wifi variables. Audio that is loud enough nearby the Doorbell should be recorded with events at full volume, as should vocal audio answering an event with the green answer toggle, or microphone/ speaker icons. I recommend double checking the disable audio recording setting is not enabled.

As for inconsistent motion, the most optimal detection is obtained through trial and error. We are always working improve and add to our features and devices, thus it is recommended to periodically check for any opportunities to further fine tune your settings in the Ring app. Whether through Customizable Motions Zones, or settings like Motion Frequency, trying each will assist greatly in improving detection accuracy.

Feel free to share a video example of this concern, if it persists after trying out the above suggestions.

Would like to update my a subscription

Thank you Marley I will try and look into these shortly.

If I disable audio recording won’t that mean I will have nil audio recordings?

I have upped the motion frequency to high which seems to be recording more motion.

I have a troublesome neighbour and whilst her movements outside my door is recorded her shouting is either distorted or not recorded at all. Yet ring is recording the sound of her opening and locking her door.

Because she has been abusive to me for proof of abuse it would be good to have that audio as well as her activity in the early hours etc.

Many thanks

Here is an example of the distorted audio and video freeze.

I cant seem to delete or edit this one will repost video link below.

Here is example of audio distortion and video freeze:

this after altered settings.

Thanks for the quick update on this, @JayDee1! To clarify further about the Ring app option to disable audio recording, as the wording can be tricky, simply ensure this setting is set to allow audio recording. Although, after looking at the video example, this setting is likely a non-factor in your current concern.

Glad to hear the motion detection is improved! The video example is displaying a great deal of delays, freeze frames, and video jumps. Audio is likely being impacted by the same interference seen in these video characteristics. Adjusting wifi signal strength should certainly improve this audio/ video quality. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing wifi signal to your Ring device. Motion will also further improve as signal efficiency does. In short, moving the router closer or adding a wifi extender, such as a Ring Chime Pro, will greatly improve wifi signal strength. :slight_smile:

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