Video doorbell and smart lighting

Is there any way to use the motion sensor on my doorbell to turn on / off a smart light? it seems like a waste to install a second, battery powered motion sensor right next to the one thats hard wired and already installed in my ring doorbell.

I’m not sure if it varies by doorbell model, but I have the Video Doorbell (2020 version) and if I go into the Linked Devices section of the doorbell settings it allows me to link it to my light groups so they activate when the doorbell detects motion.

ive got a Video Doorbell Pro, the option i have for linking devices is a Chime

Hey @Yggdrasil1. As @pdeethardt mentioned, the Linked Devices feature allows you to link your Ring devices together for more options. You can read more about this feature and how to use it in our Help Center Article here. As long as you’re using a Ring Smart Lighting device, you should have the option to link the Smart Lighting group with your Doorbell. :slight_smile:

I dont have any option to link my devices as described

@Yggdrasil1 Which Ring Smart Lighting device do you have, and is it set up under your Ring account? You will need a Ring Bridge in order to have your Ring Smart Lighting device set up in a group and set up with the Linked Devices feature.