Video Doorbell 3 and Solar Charger

Hey! I am having trouble seeing how these connect although the solar charger says it is compatible with the Video Doorbell 3 am I missing something? Please assist.

Hey @angelramos. The wire connector on the Solar Charger will be placed under the screws on the terminal, on the back of the Doorbell 3. I’d highly suggest following our Help Center Article on how to install the Solar Charger for the Doorbell 3 here. This should help you get everything up and running! :slight_smile:

Hey Caitlyn,

Thank you for your reply I have looked at the help pages as well as the directions included. If you see the picture I posted you can see there is nowhere to insert the prongs from the charger and the Screws have been removed. This doorbell says it’s model 3 but it does appear to have the insert please assist.

Thank you

Wait… do you mean the prongs LITERALLY just go on the screws but they don’t “insert anywhere” it just “goes on the screws”?

I knew it was something I wasn’t understanding!! Lol ?

@angelramos Yes, you are correct. The prongs are not inserted anywhere, rather they’re placed on the Doorbell’s terminal and held in place with the terminal screws. Hopefully that helps clear things up a bit. :slight_smile: