Video doorbell (2nd Gen) will not set up, and blue light flashing every 45 seconds

Just so that others are aware … I took delivery of a 2nd Gen Video Doorbell the other day, and charged up the battery (which was flat on arrival). I was unable to get it to set up via the Ring app, and had to contact Ring Support.

Error messages were either something like “Sorry, we’re unable to set up this doorbell right now … please contact support”, or “Incorrect PIN entered”. Believe me, I tried many times and each time it failed. Ring Support did spend some time on the phone with me but eventually agreed to send out a replacement. I’ll see whether that one works.

What I also noticed is that the blue ring on the front of the bell is flashing five times, every 45 seconds. It’s like the device is stuck in a reset loop and will not settle. I mentioned this while I was on the phone to Ring, but they didn’t seem to think it was an issue.

I’m obviously hoping that the replacement will be an easy install.

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Just an update on this. The replacement arrived remarkably quickly, and the setup process was quite different, in that the doorbell gave audio/voice prompts as I went through it.

That said, it did fail to set up on my first attempt, which wasn’t encouraging. So I did the factory reset thing, holding down the orange button for 20 seconds. After that, it connected OK :slight_smile:

So not quite as simple as I’d have liked, but it’s up and running now. The mounting plate is different to the one I had on the wall for the Gen 1 bell, but I was happy to find that the screw holes are identically spaced, so it was a straight swap.

So far so good with the new device - the video quality is (obviously) better, although it still takes a few more seconds than I’d like after a motion detection, to connect to the Rapid Ring app.

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Sorry to hear about this experience @docdunning! Our devices are intended to setup quickly and easily, which is the experience we intend for all neighbors. I’m glad to see you were able to find a solution, however.

I’ve marked your recent post as a solution, as it may be helpful for any other neighbors that might have experienced this. Thanks for sharing with the Community, and we hope you continue to enjoy your Video Doorbell! :slight_smile: