Video Cam to base station

Hi, I’m unsure where I should post this, but here goes…

Can I get my base station to notify me when a camera detects motion

Hello @McIntire8484 ,

It’s best to think about the basic Ring systems as two separate systems, an “Intruder” system with your Ring Alarm Base Station & base station components, and a “Surveillance” system with your Ring cameras & Doorbells. These systems just happen to share the same smartphone Ring App. Indeed there is a little of “cross-over” control between these two systems, such as with the arming Modes, but it is limited.

But to answer your question, No you currently cannot get your Ring Alarm Base Station to make sounds when your camera or doorbell detects motion. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or PC Ring Apps to notify you of camera detected motion (with Alert sounds and/or ‘pushed’ text-type Notifications).

I hope you find this helpful :wink:

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