Vehicle Recognition Capabilities

I could not find a RING developers section so I’ll put this idea forward here and just maybe someone will read it and take this for action.

When I first heard about RING new web based AP I was skeptical but when I saw how easy and straight forward the program is I was extremely happy. All that’s missing to bring this product on par with other wired camera systems is a search engine. The search engine should allow the end user to select the days, date and time such as ( 12PM 11/8/2020 to 12PM 11/9/202 ) you wanted to review. Once these video links are gathered there needs to be a button labeled (download) at which time all video’s ring links of every events that took place within this search criteria, no matter how many, are compiled into a folder. The program should then allow you to e-mail this folder as a ( package and transfer ) to law enforcement for review and safe keeping.

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You can already give Law Enforcement access to your cameras so why not just do that instead of trying to download multi-gigabyte videos that you’d then have to upload to a file share to then send to someone as email servers don’t accept large attachments?