Vehicle Recognition and Search Engine Upgrade

All that’s missing to bring this product on par with other wired camera systems is a search engine. The search engine should allow the end user to select the days, date and time such as ( 12PM 11/8/2020 to 12PM 11/9/202 ) you wanted to review. Once these video links are gathered there needs to be a button labeled (download) at which time all video’s ring links of every events that took place within this search criteria, no matter how many, are compiled into a folder. The program should then allow you to e-mail this folder as a ( package and transfer ) to law enforcement for review and safe keeping. I’ve had a few occasions already where an officer has showed up at my door asking if I saw a particular style, color, make and model vehicle pass by. RING needs to have the capability to take a snapshot of every vehicle that enters it’s FOV and store that image with its associated ring video link as metadata. By doing so when you click on any snapshot it will take you directly to the video. Oh and I almost forgot. While we’re at it lets add LPR a very valuable tool for catching thugs of all sort. This is the very first question LE ask. - Best License Plate Recognition (LPR) Security Cameras Sadly in all the years I have been with RING and know many who have them they are still clueless of how to use them properly or how to form that web society needs so bad to bring clam to their neighborhood. Dropbox - Ring Reporting Process.pdf - Simplify your life Information for RING developers - Make this happen and your product will rise to the top - ( link coming soon ) Again, this to give an idea to RING developers to make them understand how their camera’s and software capabilities need to on par with companies like Avertx - RING DEVELOPERS SUGGESTION FORUM - YouTube

Are you willing to pay a substantial price increase for these A.I. type features?

Absolutely and so should any law abiding citizen, well at least those who care about which way society is going and why. I’m all for facial and vehicle recognition as a standard feature on all security camera’s of all kind. If RING doesn’t do this than maybe China will and I’ll be buying their product and once people who care find out its capabilities they will too.

I won’t get into a debate, but I think every law abiding citizen should be very concerned about this kind of feature.
How long are videos kept?
Who verifies the videos?
Does law enforcement have to have a search warrant?
How are the videos made safe from hackers?

It’s unfortunate that Ring doesn’t have a No vote as well in these forums as I’d have a very big NO vote for this one.

Bonne chance.

Who cares about if you are on video 24-7-365 or for that matter recorded. If you’re not a dirtbag you don’t have anything to worry about, plus the law reads, - ( “there is no expectation of privacy once you go out your front door”,) - just as it should be. Thank God we have people who want top notch security features that’ll enable people to catch all of today’s criminal entities of all types. I hope RING will see how they will be helping the everyday citizen in society and bring this feature to market ASAP. If you haven’t taken note, the criminal element in this nation is growing at warp factor speed mostly due to liberal laws and zero punishment’s for the crime. It is time to "fight crime one camera at a time " and use that ( share) feature to work as a community to do so.