Vehicle Recognition and Search Engine Upgrade

When I first heard about RING new web based AP I was skeptical but when I saw how easy and straight forward the program is I was extremely happy. All that’s missing to bring this product on par with other wired camera systems is a search engine. The search engine should allow the end user to select the days, date and time such as ( 12PM 11/8/2020 to 12PM 11/9/202 ) you wanted to review. Once these video links are gathered there needs to be a button labeled (download) at which time all video’s ring links of every events that took place within this search criteria, no matter how many, are compiled into a folder. The program should then allow you to e-mail this folder as a ( package and transfer ) to law enforcement for review and safe keeping.

Hi @nvrpc1. Thanks for sharing your feedback and suggestions! I went ahead and moved your post over to our Feature Request board so other neighbors can vote and share their interest on these suggestions as well. Feel free to add any other ideas you may have to this board, too! :slight_smile: