Vehicle over speed limit detection

It would be very handy to be notified of vehicles passing my house above the speed limit.
Assuming that most doorbells are facing the road. The information could also be shared via the Neighbors app to notify you when there is a speeding driver in the neighbourhood so that you can warn your kids on bikes etc.
Doesn’t need to be accurate, so could be video based.
Doesn’t need to confirm that it is really a vehicle. Happy to also be notified in the event of anything going past my house over the speed limit. Low flying jet fighter, cheetah, my post carrier… being chased by the cheetah.

Actually, I also imagine anything “stopping” in front of my house, would also be useful for me to be informed of.

  • Amazon vans
  • Visitors’ cars
  • dog walkers
  • dogs
  • burglars
  • Bill Murray

Doesn’t need to be accurate. Happy to be informed of anything stopping or even moving super slow.