VDP Fails to Send Alert


I have Floodlight Cam (FC) and Video Doorbell Pro (VDP). I have discovered a situation where VDP failed to send a motion alert and I feel it should have sent one. Here are the scenario and my justification.


  1. FC has VDP set as a linked device, so FC will tell VDP to start filming if FC sees motion.
  2. FC is configured not to send motion alerts.
  3. VDP is configured to send motion alerts.


  1. FC sees motion.
  2. FC does not send an alert, which is correct.
  3. FC tells VDP to start filming, which is correct.
  4. VDP also sees the very same motion.
  5. VDP does not send a motion alert.

VDP’s not sending a motion alert is IMHO a failure. I have configured VDP to send an alert when it sees motion in its motion zone. The fact that it was filming because FC woke it up should be irrelevant.

At my home this VDP failure allowed someone to be walking on my front porch without VDP sending me an alert. FC caught the motion first and this suppressed VDP sending an alert.

If I look in History for this incident I see an FC entry for “Motion” and I see a VDP entry for “Linked Motion”. I think that is OK, but VDP should have sent a motion alert. VDP saw motion in its motion zone. Under this condition it should have sent an alert.

Thank you,
Brian Wade