Variable Control Sound Detection Camera Activation

Please consider adding the ability of a ring outdoor stickup camera to be activated by selectable sound levels similar to the knock detection feature of peep hole cameras.

I have my camera facing my apartment complex parking lot with motion detection restricted to the area where my car is parked. A drive by shooter sprayed a volume of billets into a car with in the view of my cancers but outside the area of motion detection.

My solar panel couldn’t support my battery power usage if I broadened my motion detection parameters to monitor all parking lot activity. My camera only picked up parking lot activity after the shooting incident which helped the police with the timeline but not for identification of the passing automobile.

My camera has two way sound capabilities. If there was a camera feature that allowed it to be activated based on pre-selected higher level sounds the camera might have activated in time to capture an image of the fleeing automobile. Obviously I’m only interested in camera activation from sounds with the intensity of gun fire within a few hundred feet (400?), car crashes, explosions, etc.

Obviously this capability exists but not as a Ring camera detection feature.