Using Ring Protect in Poland


First of all, i’m apologize for my poor english…

I’m thinking of buying a Ring Doorbell 3/Pro, but i want have a possibility to record videos. I read Poland is not supported to use Ring Protect. Is it true? What if I use VPN connection somehow? Maybe there is any other option to have 100% functionality of a doorbell?

I’ll be thankful of an answer or solution.


Hey there, @Szlangi. You will be happy to hear that you are able to subscribe to a Protect Plan in Poland. As the Alarm system is not supported in that region at this time, you may have seen this outlined when reading about the plans. Rest assured that a Video Doorbell will work and is supported in your area, and you are able to subscribe Doorbells and Cameras to a Protect Plan in order to save recordings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: