Using Ring Alarm To Help Keep Your Kids Safe

Hey neighbors! I wanted to share one of the ways I’ve used the Ring Alarm system to add an extra layer of security inside my home.

I have a 10-month old who just found out how to get into everything, and a 3-year old who loves to explore! What I’ve done to add extra peace of mind; is use the Gen 1 Contact Sensor on the drawers and cabinets that contain cleaning chemicals and medicine. So in addition to traditional locks, I now have a Contact Sensor that alerts me via push notifications on my phone and an audible Chirp from my Base Station and Keypad!

To make sure that these Contact Sensors don’t alert the Monitoring Station, I’ve set their Mode Settings to be “Ignore when armed.” To do this, open the Ring app and select-
Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Contact Sensor > Mode Settings and adjust! I’ve also used specific chirps for those Contact Sensors. I use the “Ding Dong” Chirp for this because I use “Wind Chime” for my Front Door. I like using different Chirps for different areas of my home. This is a very simple and efficient way to add extra security where I need it!

Please note: these are just suggestions from our moderators’ personal experience with their devices and are not official claims from Ring.