Using Home mode to turn off chime

Greetings, I was hoping to use the new Modes feature to set my chime to disable notifications. For example, if someone comes up my driveway whom I’m not expecting I want the chime to ring. But if I’m throwing a party, I don’t want the chime to ring every time a guest arrives. (Not that I’m throwing any parties currently!) When I try to set the Home mode this way I get a “Mode Change Failed” message and a phone notification “We cannot arm your Alarm when all sensors will need to be bypassed. At least one sensor must be ready for monitoring in order to arm the system.”

If this is not possible for the Home mode, how about allowing custom modes?

Hey @daleengle. Just wanted to clear this up for you! For the new Modes feature, this is only for the Doorbells and Cameras to have motion detection disabled/enabled or Live View disabled/enabled. You can customize these depending on the mode you are in. The new Modes feature cannot be used to snooze your chimes, but if your camera is not detecting mode, it will not be alerting your chimes, so you can set your cameras to not detect motion and therefore would not alert your chime!

The error message that you are receiving is in relation to your Ring Alarm system. Since you have both systems, changing to Disarm/Home/Away will now affect your cameras AND your alarm. You got this error message when trying to change modes because you have a door or window open, and when you try to arm your system in Home/Away mode. Please make sure you have all of the doors and windows with contact sensors closed when you are trying to test this out to see if it fits your needs!

Hi Chelsea, that’s close to the answer but not quite. I wanted to stop the chime but ideally I’d also like to stop the camera. (Some of my guests are sensitive to being filmed when they arrive.)

So here is what I’d like:

Mode: Disabled

All censors and camera turned off.

Mode: Home

Censors turned off but camera on.

The Ring app isn’t allowing that. After I set everything up, navigate to the Dashboard and tap home, I get the error messages in my original post.



@daleengle You can definitely achieve this, but the error message you listed from your first post is a message given to you by your Ring Alarm. When you have a door or window opened, when you are trying to change into Home mode, it will not allow you to. Same will happen in Away. It’s because “bypassing” a sensor, means that the system will ignore this. This is to ensure that all devices are reading as closed when you are leaving to Away, or when you are staying in Home. This is not related to the new Modes feature. Please make sure that after you configure all your settings under settings > modes, exactly how you stated that, that you then close all doors and windows, and THEN put yourself into Home mode!

Hi Chelsea,

I just tried it again.

  • The only sensors I currently am using are two motion sensors and they are showing as “Online” under Alarm Devices.
  • I set Mode: Disabled

All censors and camera turned off.

  • I set Mode: Home

  • I stepped outside where there are no motion sensors and no camera.

  • On the Dashboard, the status was set to Disarmed. I tapped Home.

  • I got the same error messages as before: “At least one sensor must be monitored. If you’re not monitoring any sensors, you’re not getting the most out of Disarmed Mode. Make sure your doors and windows are closed in order to put your home in Disarmed Mode.”

  • This looks like a bug to me. I didn’t change the status to Disarmed; I changed it to Home.

  • I tried all of the above again after setting the status to Away, then to Disarmed, then to Home. I got the same message.



@daleengle I think we may have figured this out! Thank you for telling me you have 2 motion sensors. Does this mean you have no contact sensors set up on your Ring Alarm? This is going to be why, as you do not have any devices in Home mode to be monitored, as in Home mode, the motion sensor will not be monitored. This is why it says “at least one sensor must be monitored.” If you go under Settings > Modes > Home > Sensors > You will see that none of the sensors are selected to be monitored in this mode. This is why you are unable to put yourself in Home mode, as you must have a sensor monitored in order to change modes.

If you can, please set up a contact sensor that came with your system, and make sure that is monitored, and this will address this concern. Otherwise, under that same section in the app, please turn “on” at least one motion sensor in order to be monitored in your Home mode, and this should fix your concern! :slight_smile: