Users and Smart Lighting


So I have given my wife Device Access for all our Ring devices. For the Lighting groups, her account (via the iOS app) only sees the Floodlight-Cam in the Group and not the Ring Smart Lighting devices.

Why is this?


Hi @BigFan, this is correct. You are currently not able to give shared access to Smart Lights.


Hi there, late to this thread, but will this be fixed at some point?

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wow, this seems like a REALLY important feature that is missing. when i bought the smart lighting product, i assumed that shared users would be able to turn ON and OFF a light group without giving them access to low level settings.

does the use of Alexa somehow get around this issue?

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Ran into the exact same issue. I setup motion alerts and applied motion schedule. Unfortunately now all the shared users always get motion alerts. My schedule doesn’t work across users and shared users don’t have access to lights so they can’t set their own schedule. For the purpose of why I bought these lights, it makes them worthless.

Can someone at Ring reply with if/when this functionality will be available?

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Hi neighbors! Our team is constantly working to improve and add to our current features and devices. We value your feedback and continuously share these experiences with our teams here for future consideration.

That being said, we’ve created a Feature Request Board just for requests like these, where our neighbors can reinforce on another’s requests and we can frequently share them with teams here. At this time, Smart Lighting cannot be shared, or controlled by shared users. Feel free to add this and any other feature requests to that board! :slight_smile:

I will definitely submit something there. I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think this wouldn’t be a thing users would want.

For my current situation, I was able to work around my issue. Its not how I want things to work, but at least its workable for the interim and other shared useres are not constantely getting alerts.

When I added my light in the Ring app, I either inadvertently or it defaulted it to a lighting group. Maybe because of where I said it was, I don’t know for sure. Anyway, it was added to a lighting group that included a floodlight camera. My floodlight camera is a shared device. What I didn’t realize was happening was that the alert on the shared users’ devices wasn’t explicitly from my new light, but rather it was coming from my lighting group. And because my floodlight camera is part of that group AND a shared device, those shared users were getting the alert.

I am able to work around the alerts by removing my floodlight camera from the group and as a linked device. The pro of this is that my shared users no longer get the alerts they are unable to snooze or create motion schedules for. The con is that I would like my floodlight camera to turn on and start recording when my light senses motion. Unfortunately, the con is very important to me and one of the reasons I had these devices linked.

Anyway, that is my experience and workaround. Maybe it helps someone else.


I wish I knew this before spending hard earned money and going through the full install. Now my useless lights are out of the box and not returnable. I started off twitch the doorbell, then a floodlight camera, and now bulbs. I WAS a huge fan with having everything available for my family to use on their own; however, this issue of not being able to all family access will probably turn me to another company’s solution.