User Manual not up to date

I have just had installed two Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus devices and I added these to my version of the Ring App. (I already had an indoor camera and a Ring home security alarm system.) Not being very technically minded, I downloaded the User Manual for these cameras so that I could get instructions that would take me through, on a step by step basis, how to get all the settings that would be suitable for my use. But I found in various places in this Manual that the screenshots for some of the App screens were different from what I could see on my App. I went on to the online chat facility to be amazed to be told that the online manual is out of date and they don’t know when it will be updated. Why would a Company update an App and not make the corresponding updates to the Manual? And how is a dinosaur like me supposed to get the best settings for my security devices? I am not happy!!!

I sympathise! I took delivery of a Spotlight Camera Pro with battery and a solar panel yesterday - my first RING product - and the first thing I saw in the instructions was to download the full manual … which isn’t available for my model of camera on the RING website. Maybe not huge changes from the non-pro version but you would think that the company would not release anything until they were able to support their customer base.