Use the device name in all audio and text notifications

As you know, you can customize the name of each device at installation time. .

On the iphone, when “text” notifications appear, the name you have given the device appears. I.e… motion at front door

However, the audio that accompanies it says something different…


Audio Motion detected at your floodcam.

Text Motion detected at driveway

Audio Motion detected at your stickup cam.

Text Motion detected at Backyard.

What is strange… is that one of my stick cams does indeed use the device name in both the text and audio alerts, but my floodcam and the other two stick cams do not use the user given device name for audio at all. I do not understand that at all, I called in and your rep could not explain it either and said the audio ref to the name was not something we could control, just the text alert info.

the problem is: If you have several stickup cams, the audoo does not tell you which one had motion, it just says stickup cam….

So. The suggestion is:

Make all audio and text notifications use the device name given to it by the owner regardless of the actual product name.

A generic Motion at stickcam/floodcam is not very functional for id purposes if you have more than one ring device. !

Ie, driveway, garage, side, rv area, backyard, front door or what ever the owner named it.

Just thought I would pass this on in hopes that a future update would incorporate this into your wonderful devices.

It would also be nice if the chime pro would be able to say the name of the device it is responding to instead of a generic tone that applies to all devices.

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