Use of Ring security camera on window sill to detect intruders outside

I live in a ground floor flat on an estate of low rise blocks in London. We are experiencing a worrying increase with intruders gaining access to our flats and have decided to investigate the use of security cameras. However, the owners of the estate will not permit installing these outside, so we need cameras to be placed on the window sills of ground floor flats always pointing out through the glass. Could a number of ‘Ring’ cameras do this job? The main problem appears to be during the day as most residents are at home at night. If ‘Ring’ camereas would be suitable, what subscription would be best for the cloud storage? Thanks

Hi @mikell. It is not recommended to install Ring Cameras in a way that they are directly facing a window. This can impact the Camera’s ability to properly detect and notify you of motion, as light and heat both reflect off of the window which can throw off the motion detection. You can read more about how motion detection works in Ring devices in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information is helpful for you.