Use as Motion Sensor for Routine in Alexa App

Hello Ring Comunity,

what I don’t understand here now,
Why are there options in the Alexa app for exactly what I want or something similar?
Make shortcuts? in routines …

I called the hotline:
They were telling me on the phone nothing works like this and nothing is planned.

So I ask here why do i get these functions displayed?
I got an email that I would pass this approach on to the technology department so that customers’ ideas could be implemented at some point.

What I can see:

When I create a routine in the Alexa app, can I choose there:

   When the following happens:  
          Smart Home Devices:  
                "Front Door" (which is the Ring Doorbell Name)  
                      Select "Doorbell" (When Door bell event occurs or  
                      Select "Movement" (When Motion Sensor state changes)

Then I have the choise one of the two:
“Doorbell” selection
can I save: “When the front door is pressed”
i.e. then I reach status 1 which should then activate something that I can also specify
or “Movement” selection, that’s what I’m talking about when asked
I can now choose “found” and “not found”
If I select “not found” then I can still set a timer for a maximum of 12 hours.
(not if “found”)

Do I only see the menu in the Alexa app or do others see it too?

Routines are seen this way if - then functions (at least that’s how I interprate it)

So was my idea:
Create a routine with “Found” and say in the Alexa app turn on stairs.
I thought that the impulse would come and the lighting of the stairs would be switched on.
I would do a second routine with “not found” and set a timer of 5 minutes there.
for me that would mean the lights get on if no movement was perceived for 5 minutes,
an impulse to switch off when I link it up.

The Ring Team now says that this is not possible! The function to read the motion detector does not work and is not intended for the future.

Why is this in the app menu? I ask myself the question!

Actually, I wanted to know how it is with the motion detector, you can set a radius in the app for the detection. (reason for my call)
The function for the radius would be maximum or the set one.
In the meantime I have seen that the menu in the Ring app has changed and you can set several areas.
Is that possible for several areas or is it the field of view or only area 1?
And does that also work without a recording contract?
My questions here in the round, should it work and the friendly lady on the phone just had no idea …:dizzy_face:

But since nothing works according to the statement, I am now very surprised.
After all, I had decided for Ring because it was recommended by Amazon (Alexa) because of such possibilities.

I’m from Germany … maybe it’s just not possible there?

I mean the products are not realy cheap. The added value should be shown in these functions!

I hope the community can explain to me why everything can be selected in the menu and there is no function and none is planned!

Or does someone use such functions here?

Seen in this way, the customer would be duped!

I have a Ring Doorbell - first generation


Hi @Schierhoge. We have a Help Center article that has some helpful tips and tricks for when your Amazon Alexa devices and Ring are not working as intended. I would look at that article here to see if it offers any improvement for the routine that your are trying to complete. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to create a routine. This should work with your Ring Video Doorbells Motion Zones. I hope this helps!