Use a schedule to switch Modes

Is there a way in the Ring App to use a schedule to switch modes? For example: automate switching to “Away” mode (so that all cameras are set to detect motion) at 11:00PM M-F.

If this isn’t available now, I think it would be a nice feature enhancment without too much development effort.


hi2meb AKA, Mike Brown in Yorba Linda, CA


I spoke to customer support and they said it isn’t available but we should request it as a feature. Let’s hope they listen get develop it soon :slight_smile:

+100 for this feature request

+1 as well. It would be great to automate the flip to a different mode based on a routine schedule (e.g. if I leave for work at 8 and get home at 6 it should auto flip from home to away based on that schedule so I don’t have to remember this - I’d also use this for night mode for a routine bedtime)

Then add in presence detection linked to my phone such that if I leave the house it auto switches for me to Away as well - again, make it a no brainer so I don’t have to actively manage my cameras all the time (I have enough to think about)

A scheduling function for Modes would be most helpful. I hope the folks at Ring can get this going. I haven’t seen anything about it in months.