Urmet CS 1172-023

Hello, I am trying to connect Ring with a Urmet CS 1172-023. The model is not among the supported ones in the list (even if there are many 1172-xxx).
Anyone knows what wires need to be linked and where?
If I try to scan some info from the other models’ guides, it always says to connect B-cables in L1/L2 ports, that are not in my Urmet model.

Thanks in advance.

To add more pieces of information, my Urmet only opens a single front door (which is shared in a condominium) and to do so we just press the single-main button on the intercom.

Hi @user68744 , welcome to the Ring Community!
Our team advises against using the Intercom with any traditional intercoms that are not listed in our official list of compatible devices. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility to prevent any potential damage to your traditional intercom system. Our development team has thoroughly tested and confirmed compatibility with the devices listed on our official compatibility list. We value the safety and functionality of your intercom system, so we strongly recommend sticking to the devices that have been verified by our team. This will help ensure a smooth and reliable experience with Ring Intercom.

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