Urmet CS 1130-002G || No Sound


I have the Urmet CS 1130-002G
I have done the conexion that Ring suggests but is not working for me.
The headset has a bridge between 1 and CA. If I remove it the headset has not got sound from outside.

Any suggestions?

Hi @dmtili05 ! Welcome to our Ring Community.

I’ve split your response into a separate thread since you have a question about a different model. This will make it easier for other community members to find and join the discussion.

Can you confirm that you’re able to use all features within the Ring app but that when you’re trying to use the headset of your Urmet CS 1130-002G you’re unable to speak to visitors? We look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi @Sam_Ring . Thanks for responce.

When I try to install in the app, at the part for testing the green light is blinking green. I go outside and ring the bell but the intercom has no responce. After a while pops up an error screen to check the wiring. I am unable to use the intracom at all.

Im my opinion the conection 1 and CA have an isue as there is a metalic bridge between them. If I remove it then I can not listen or speak to the actual headset and intracom stil does not working.

My headset opens 2 doors with diferent outside bells. If the bell does not ring the headset is not opening the doors.

I think this is more detailed…


Thanks for providing additional information, @dmtili05! Based on the details you shared, it appears that the wiring between Port 1 and CA is empty, and there is no original cable from the handset.

If you’re using an external bell, kindly provide us with pictures of that as well. In that case we also kindly request you to reach out to our Intercom Support team for further assistance.

Regarding your mention of the intercom opening two doors, could you please clarify if the doors are connected to the same power circuit? This information will help us better understand the setup.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hearing back from you.