Urmet 1704/955 works but …

After consulting an Italian forum for Urmet intercoms they came up with a process to make the Urmet 1704/10a 1794/955 work.

Configure it as an Urmet 1130/16. 1+ wire A2 to AC and wire A1 to R1 (so just 2 wires).

It works, sound two way works and I can open the door. But what doesn’t work is the notification on my iPhone. No sound or vibration. Just a banner on the Lock Screen. On the other hand, on my Apple Watch I get a proper notification. I also have on another poor petty but using the same Ring app a Ring interphone and I get proper notifications for that device.

My settings are set properly. Anyone have an idea why I’m not getting sound and vibration notifications ?

Hi @MikeWerner. Welcome to our Ring Community! First we’d like to mention that our team advises against using the Intercom with any traditional intercoms that are not listed in our official list of compatible devices. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility to prevent any potential damage to your traditional intercom system. Our development team has thoroughly tested and confirmed compatibility with the devices listed on our official compatibility list.

But we’d of course also like to find out why you’re currently not receiving any audible notifications. Could you let us know if you’re using any other Ring devices and if you’re receiving audible notifications when those devices have been triggered? Please also open your phone settings, open Notifications, scroll down until you see the Ring app, tap on Ring and check if the toggle next to Sounds is turned on.


Yes I’m using several ring devices (doorbell interphone, chimes, cameras) and all play sound when getting a notification. This intercom device only plays a sound on my watch but not my iPhone. On the iPhone I only get an alert on my lock screen but no sound.