Urmet 1133-D001 / 1172-D006 not working

Hi, I need help setting up the wires for the Urmet 1133.

Here is the working setup as is without the ring intercom.

I have not gotten it to work… Any ideas?
The door opener only works once someone has pressed the intercom bell on the entrance.

Kind regards

Hello @user55302, Thank you for contacting Ring Community.
Using the cable A included in the Ring Intercom, please connect the wires as described below:

  • A-1 red with 6
  • A-2 brown with 1
  • A-3 black with 2
  • A-5 grey with 9
  • A-6 purple with CA
    If your Ring Intercom won’t work as intended, please share with us a photo of the installation.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for the instructions. I connected the wires as you described. But I can’t seem to get the ring into the Test Mode. The light never turns green and the error message says that it might be a network error. I can see the device connected to the wifi and also under device setting I can see the last online was just now… Any ideas how to get the device into the test mode to finish setup?

Hi @user55302 we’d be happy to take a closer look at this with you. Please send us a picture of the wiring. Our team will then be able to investigate this further. We look forward to hearing back from you.

I wired it as you said, but will send a picture later. Could you please elaborate on the error as the message seems to focus more on the wifi connection… Had it next to the router as well but that did not fix it either. Can it even be related to the wiring?

Here is the wiring.

Hi @user56575 , Thanks a lot for providing this much information and the picture. This helps a lot already. Our team is taking a closer look at this for you, and we will get back to you as soon as we know more.

Any updates to the issues mentioned above?

Hi @user56575, Thank you for your patience.
I would like to inform you that this intercom is not the 1133-D001 (that is the casing number that Urmet uses for several different models). There should be a label on the back with the exact model number or if you checked the circuit board.
The correct model number is CS 1172 / **, please make sure to select the correct model on the app.

Once you are sure about the model, try to wire your Ring Intercom in the following way using cable B:

  • B1 to L1(9)
  • B2 to L2 (10)

Please let us know, if it resolved your issue.

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