Urgent help: My ring app is not connecting to the live feed

Hi, my device health is 80% single strength is perfect at 20 however my mobile just keeps waiting and doesn’t show the live feed.
My camera at door bells turn on and also connect to the microphone the only problem is camera doesn’t show any stream on ring app
Pls help

Hi @umar.zakria. For Live View concerns, we always recommend starting with our Community Post here, which will provide a list of troubleshooting tips and tricks when Live View isn’t working. This can help you narrow down what is causing your concern in particular. From your description, it sounds like the Live View connects and you can hear the audio, but the video is just showing a blank screen. Is that correct, or are you seeing any specific error message?

Highly appreciate, if you can help me
After long wait an error appear “Stream error-reconnect”
Regarding audio, motion sensors yes, they are working
I have updated app, reinstall installed again, installed rapid ring app. checked through browser, all resutls

@umar.zakria After you receive this streaming error, what is the RSSI on the Device Health page of your Ring app? Try to check the RSSI right after attempting the Live View and receiving this error to see what the strength of the connection is showing as at that time. Additionally, we have video quality troubleshooting tips here, as it could be related to the internet speed. If other devices on your network are utilizing the upload speed at the same, it may impact your ability to connect to the Live View successfully.