Upgrading from basic to plus

If I had already paid the annual 30$ for the basic but a month or 2 later I want to upgrade to the plus plan, will my 30$ be transferred to the 100$ annual. Making it a total of 70$+ or however much. . Cause I tried and it’s wanting another 100$ and I just paid the 30 recently

Hey @ron1973kim. Happy to clear this up for you! Whenever you need to upgrade your plan but you have paid for an annual subscription, you will need to delete the first plan before getting the new plan. From there, you will get a prorated refund for whatever amount you didn’t use, based off of how many months you used vs what’s left. You can wait for the refund to process through your banking institution first, but I recommend subscribing to the Plus Plan within the same time to ensure coverage for all of your devices. You can learn more about this here.

Ok that helps but my other question is I added a ring spotlight cam and I want to add a couple other ring cams. And once I pay the plus annual fee will I be able to add those extra cams to subscription workout extra charge? Because its 100$ annual for multiple cameras correct?? And what I have now is basic which only covers my one that I originally started with. Thanks 4 your help

Hi @ron1973kim. Just saw your post here after responding to your other thread, sorry about that. You are indeed correct! Whenever you subscribe to a Protect Plus Plan for a location, all devices that are on that location or that will be added on later are covered. Therefore, you could have 4 or 10 devices on that location, and they will be covered. If you add devices to a new location, the new location will require a new plan. :slight_smile: