Upgraded Ring Doorbell

I upgraded from a Ring Doorbell to a Ring Doorbell 2 a few weeks ago. I read in this community that I needed to install the Doorbell 2 and delete the original Doorbell and the Protect Plan would switch to the new Doorbell 2 after a day or two. The Doorbell 2 is still showing it is on a trial plan. What do I need to do to correct this?

Hey @dbnissan. Once a Ring device is set up for the first time, we automatically give our neighbors a free 30 day trial of the Ring Protect Plan so that you can see how you like this feature. This is best for users setting up a device for the first time. In your case, once your 30 day trial is over, you will automatically go back to your regularly scheduled plan you had on the account before!

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Thank you for the response, Chelsea

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I did the same thing. Upgraded from Ring to Ring 2. I bought the plan. I put the Ring 2 on the front door and the old Ring on the back door. I want to switch the plan from Ring to Ring 2. How do I do this ? Only need the front door covered by the plan. - Max

@kc10er Please reach out to our support team here in order for them to help you subscribe to the proper plan.