Updating Ring app from Andoid Version 7 to Android Version 13

Hello all.
I had the Ring app installed on my old Android version 7 device. I recently upgraded to a new Android version 13 device, and the Ring app migrated from my old device to my new device along with all my other apps. While I have live view on my dashboard, I am no longer receiving any audible notifications that I used to receive on my old device.
My concern is that if I uninstall the app then go to Play Store to download it again, I may receive an error message that the app is not available for the version of my device. (This has happened with a couple of app I had.) So I’m understandably a little hesitant.
Has anyone ever had this issue? My understanding is that the app will not work on Android Version 14 or lower. I hope I misread that and that is not the case.
Can anyone give me insight on this? I’d just like my notifications back.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @user54794. This Help Center page will let you know what Android versions work with the Ring app, which is currently Android 9 or higher. If you’re using Android 13, then you should be able to reinstall the app if you delete it. Before you remove the app, first make sure that your phone has notification permissions enabled for the Ring app. We also have this Help Center page with other steps to try. I hope this helps.